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Not to be confused with the four piece Sofia, Bulgaria based thrash outfit spelled with an “o”, Axecutor, this is a live, seven song (after an intro, half dozen originals and an in-studio cover of countrymen Flageladör’s “Missão Metal”) outing from a Brazilian band with only a single full-length (Metal Is Invincible, back in 2013) and a couple of EPs/splits, to date.

Gruff, accented English lyrics atop rudimentary (albeit well executed), grinding buzzsaw speed/thrash metal, with the goal (apparently) towards early ‘80s worship. As a live disc, probably a great introduction to this heretofore unknown entity, but the production suffers from a lack of stage mics. Initially, the intro and song pronouncements are noticeably “remote” compared to the music. Between song banter is in Portuguese. “Raise The Axe”, with its titular chorus and “Fight To keep metal alive” refrain is basically a reworking of Exodus’ “Metal Command”. “Creatures in Disguise” offers a more chugging riff, although this (and others) fall down slight, when it comes to the solo/guitar break. “No God, No Devil (Worship Metal)” is a good mantra to adopt. Given the sporadic crowd noise throughout, the roaring audience following “Bangers Prevail” is seamlessly lifted from a MUCH larger gig.

Rating: 6.0
Mark Gromen

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